Product Visualisation in VR

Using 3D models taken from CAD drawings, your product can be placed in virtual world so that it can be viewed in different scenarios, lighting positions.
Environments created from popular tools such as Autodesk Redit and 3DMax.
Example : 360 Panoramic Rendered example

Simulation in VR

Creating realistic environments to perform simulations of situations.
Example : Video of a VR session

360° Video Production for VR and Titling

Immersive 360° Video Experiences....with path story telling.
Example : 360 Youtube Video

Training in VR

Existing flat, presentation and book based learning comes to life in a immersive,
exciting new way.
Example : Video of VR session

Education in VR

Take existing educational ideas and create informative, fun to learn environments, that help students learn and remember.
Example : Video of VR session