Home Tech VR

The future of power in the home... With the increasing cost of Electricity at home, we have tried to explain the next stage of Home Power Management. Our simulator explains how a home of the future (available now) will maintain usable electricity for the house owner, during night day and occasional blackouts. Using a Solar and Battery setup the simulation shows how power flows from the Solar panels into a Solar Battery and is consumed by household appliances. All of the components are configurable and we have tried to be as realistic as possible with all aspects. From the position of the sun in the sky down to the weather conditions. Very soon the Simulator will have a gaming component, where the player has to maintain the house as cheaply as possible and upgrade the house as money permits adding fun and teaching to how power is used in a real home. Our site can be found at : http://www.hometechvr.com

Best Viewed on Chrome, drag the image with the mouse to see around 360° or watch in a VR headset.